Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Firing Up Queenstown

Queenstown designer Ed Cruikshank specialises in custom furniture with an emphasis on creating objects that are designed to last. Carefully considered and expertly crafted from quality materials, Ed designs highly functional furniture that continues to look fantastic and work perfectly for future generations. 

One of Ed’s distinctive creations, recognised as a local icon, is the Firebrand Infernorator. “Its devilishly effective pronged head is the perfect shape for pushing, pulling and turning firewood while the ingeniously tapered barrel pressurises your breath into a powerful jet of air that’s perfect to start or rekindle a fire in seconds. The Infernorator can be found beside fireplaces in many of Queenstown’s homes, hotels, restaurants and bars where it keeps fires well-tended and roaring.”

Hand-built from marine-grade stainless steel with beautifully crafted saddle leather handles, the Infernorator can live indoors or out and comes as a set accompanied by the equally striking and effective Viper Tongs.

The Cruikshank Room in Queenstown’s oldest house, Williams Cottage on Marine Parade, is the perfect place to see the state-of-the-art fire tool where it sits as comfortably as it does in a contemporary interior.

While there, maybe ask Ed about his new design for an interactive fire pit complete with barbeque grille and marshmallow toasting sticks.