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Eyeing Up Ocula

Exciting technology with an almost 80 – 90 % effectiveness rate in slowing down or halting short sightedness is now available in the Southern Lakes with the arrival of Oliver Munro to the Ocula team.

Ocula optometrists, which won the excellence in professional services award at the 2018 Westpac Chamber of Commerce Awardsfirst launched in Wanaka before opening a clinic in Queenstown more than two years ago.

Owner, Danielle Ross, says Oliver who hails from Auckland specialises in contact lenses, specifically orthokeratology, a process that uses contact lenses designed for each individual eye, re-shaping the contour of the cornea to reduce short sightedness.

“The beauty of this treatment is the patient wears the contact lenses overnight and doesn’t need to wear them during the day.  It’s perfect for farmers, tradespeople and anyone who works in dusty or dry environments which cause aggravation while wearing contact lenses.”

She says the concept has been around for centuries, with samurais in Japan putting sand bags over their eyes at night while they slept, to correct their vision. Today’s more sophisticated technology has been thoroughly researched and proven through international and longitudinal studies.

Danielle says short sightedness is escalating and 40% of the New Zealand population now have the condition.

“This is largely due to the increasing use of devices such as phones and tablets and by 2050 it is predicted that 50% of the world’s population will be short-sighted.  The World Health Organisation provides guidelines for screen time to help prevent unnecessary eye damage which people should be aware of.”

The treatment provided by Ocula is ideal for children and the combination of Oliver’s expertise in orthokeratology and Danielle’s own expertise in paediatric optometry means the clinic can help prevent the escalation of short sightedness in children.

“It’s not okay if a child’s eyesight gets worse every year. We can in the very least slow it down but with this treatment we can stop it in its tracks”.

Danielle says orthokeratology is a cost-effective alternative to laser eye surgery, another of its benefits.

“Technology and expertise have advanced which means people who may have been told they cannot wear contact lenses in the past are now able to do so. Oliver has been interested in the use of contact lenses as a corrective treatment since he studied optometry at university and is committed to helping people gain a better quality of life through improving their vision through orthokeratology”.

Oliver and Danielle are available to patients in both Queenstown and Wanaka and encourage people with concerns about contact lenses, or any other eye related issues, to take advantage of their professional services.

“Our team provides a full complement of optometry expertise and we’re striving to be the leading optometrist practice in New Zealand.  We’re continually staying up to speed with new technology, this is very important to us and the service we provide.”