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Exquisite Jewellery design at The Precinct

Jewellery designer Alice Herald is well versed in all things luxurious, timeless and aesthetically appealing. 

It was no surprise therefore that she was attracted to Wānaka’s upmarket retail destination, The Precinct, as the ideal location to establish a studio for her Alice Herald Designer Jeweller brand.

“I created the space as an inspirational slice of high design so I could invite clients to discuss bespoke commissions in a beautiful environment that reflects me and all I do, as well as to display my current collections. I chose The Precinct because I love the alleyway – it reminds me of Europe – and I love architecture. It inspires a lot of my work, so to design in such a space is special and enables a wonderful experience for visitors.” 

From 10.00am until 2.30pm Monday to Saturday Alice’s jewellery is on show while bespoke jewellery consultations are by appointment only. She designs all her elegant pieces – including her Ready-to-Wear, Engagement and Diamond Couture collections – from The Precinct.

“I am the artist and creative who works with clients directly to dream up the beauties we end up crafting,” she says. “Once we have the final design concept, I work with my team of 3D designers and we create the 3D model of each piece, discussing technicalities and tolerances needed for crafting. My Auckland based crafting team then realise the jewel in its precious finished state.”

Alice sources her gemstones from around the world, specific to each individual commission, and has access to the most exquisite diamonds of every size, shape and colour for that cherished, extra special occasion piece.

Alice’s’ design service is an experience rather than a process.

“ I’ve had clients fly down from Auckland, propose on a mountain and design with me in the studio over champagne. I’ve also had family get togethers to re-imagine Grannie’s diamond brooch. Jewellery is all about relationships, celebrating them and remembering them. My relationship with my client is therefore so important, hence why I wanted an intimate, personal space in The Precinct.”