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Enhancing Edgewater Resort

Edgewater Resort Hotel’s recently appointed general manager Catherine Bone comes to the role with a strong background in the industry in both Australasia and the U.K. and her expertise is evidenced in changes she is spearheading to improve the overall experience for guests.

She graduated with an MBA degree from the University of Cumbria in 2016, majoring in leadership in sustainability and before joining Edgewater was senior lecturer at the Pacific International Hotel Management School in New Plymouth.

“Wanaka is a special place and I am committed to the role at Edgewater. The hotel is already so well established and I want to ensure that we build on the existing work and see the hotel go from strength to strength.”

Catherine says the hotel’s position on the lakefront is outstanding and the enhancements being made complement the location.

“The Summit conference room has been completely refurbished and the hotel features new furniture particularly in the dining area providing it with a softer ambience.”

Staff wearing newly designed uniforms provide a fresh image and extra staff positions, including a combined social media and sustainable role to help drive sustainability in the hotel’s operations, are being created.

“We have also introduced a new line of Edgewater items for guests under the brand The Lonely Tree which are displayed in a lobby shop while in the hotel rooms we have Elemis branded toiletries in large refillable bottles eliminating the traditional small throw away environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles.”

Catherine says the hotel and staff place considerable emphasis on their environmental responsibility, and popular with guests is the opportunity to purchase a specific toy from Lonely Tree Gifts that directly supports the Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust, which specialises in propagating native plants for habitat restoration.

A mobile food outlet is an innovation in the hotel grounds this summer which is appealing for walkers, runners and cyclists.

“It is situated on the lawn in front of the hotel and offers coffee, ice creams and muffins,” says Catherine. “Visitors can lounge in the sun on bean bags. It’s all very relaxed and we welcome passers-by to come and enjoy the facility.”