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Embracing New Zealand Merino

Renowned Scandinavian clothing brand Devold has strengthened its ties with New Zealand merino growers pledging to use 100 per cent merino for its production of high-performance wool garments.

“This is a significant step for the brand that speaks directly to the importance we place on ethics and provenance,” says Sarah-Jane Perriam who with her husband Stew owns Australasia’s flagship Devold of Norway store in Wānaka.

“New Zealand’s commitment to the cessation of mulesing for merino sheep in 2019 was a contributing factor in Devold of Norway’s decision as was the gold standard of our merino that delivers superior wool micron and quality compared to other countries.”

Stew, along with his brother Daniel runs Bendigo Station near Wānaka which is one of  Devold of Norway’s selected farms. Later this year the Perriams will be part of a delegation of New Zealand farmers invited to visit the company’s production factories in Norway and Lithuania.

“Every two years the Flakk family, who own the business, aim to invite growers over there as a goodwill gesture,” says Sarah-Jane. “They also own a major tourism business with boats and hotels on the Fiords and we are all very much looking forward to the trip.”

Each Devold of Norway garment is designed and made in the factory and comes with a tag identifying the farm from which the wool originated.

“Customers appreciate seeing the garment tags with the names of the individual New Zealand farms. They are taken with the softness and silkiness of the merino fabric which is a result of only using long lengths of merino wool in the production.”

New season ranges are now available in the Devold of Norway Wānaka store. Sarah-Jane says there is lots of choice for sportspeople.

“The new Trollkyrkja range has ski gear made with OptimTM stretch technology which means people can be on the mountain skiing and wearing 100 per cent merino ski jackets and pants that feel like typical mountain fabric.”