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Eclectic Italian Flair in Arrowtown

A return visit by Italian artists Luigi and Kate Agnelli to Arrowtown this summer will be a highlight for visitors to the Lakes District Museum.

The talented pair were a major attraction last year when they spent ten weeks as ‘artists in residence’ at the museum drawing and painting in their distinctive style.

Director David Clarke says their collaborative artworks are fascinating.

“Luigi has been drawing from a young age and Kate is an archaeologist with a flair for architecture and together they have developed an intriguing stylised artwork. They stand side by side and together create intricate and detailed large-scale works depicting buildings and landscapes of the region.”

“Last year they produced a mixture of work based on their observations of Arrowtown including a New Zealand bush scene that they took back to Italy to finish. We will have this completed piece on display this summer. They are always creating something new and interesting, and its intriguing to watch them draw straight on to the canvas.”

The pair will work at the Lakes District Museum art gallery until February 2020 continuing their original theme begun last year of ‘The Story of Life’.

“This is a unique cultural exchange for the Lakes District Museum and last year it proved very popular,” says David. ”People love their stories with interesting themes such as love, religion, animals, and iconography –there is a lot of emotion that goes into the finished work.”

Kate and Luigi hail from Arezzo and for part of the year work out of Cortona, a hilltop town in Tuscany, well known as the famous location for the ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ book and subsequent film.

“ I visited them there recently where their studio is located in the Franciscan church that St Francis of Assisi built,” he says. “It is where Franciscan monks were trained and ordained and is a beautiful spot where their eclectic works sit alongside historic renaissance frescos.”

The Agnelli’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and in Australia. Some of their drawings were recently presented to the Pope and exhibited at the Vatican in Rome.

“They have also conducted art residencies in New York, Turkey and Venice and we are delighted to host them again in Arrowtown. It will add to the art trail that exists here with many local artists’ studios a must visit including those of David John, Simon Beadle, Jenny Merhtens, Nadine Milne and Angus Watson.”