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Eade Gallery’s Exhibition Focus

Clyde art destination Eade Gallery is continuing its series of successful solo and duo solo exhibitions this year highlighting works by Central Otago and New Zealand artists the gallery represents.

“ With regards to the duo solos we wanted to bring another level to our exhibitions and decided to pair artist together in the hope each would step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in another artists world where different subjects are explored producing a collaborative and cohesive exhibition,” says owner Melanie Eade.

“The exhibition openings held in the gallery are a wonderful opportunity for people to meet the artists, hear about the journey they have taken and to celebrate the end result.”

Fragmented Pots Ben Nevis – Gretl Barzotto 2023

Discovering and Rediscovering

Kathi McLean and Gretl Barzotto / April 2023

An iconic local landscape is the subject for two Central Otago artists whose works will be on display as part of a collaborative duo solo exhibition in April.

Ceramicist Kathi McLean and painter Gretl Barzotto have teamed up to explore and study The Nevis Valley through their own artistic endeavours.

“We are looking at this incredible landscape to reveal what it means to us both,” says Gretl.

Kathi is rediscovering her family connections to the Nevis by using her pottery to recreate new images of the history and landscape while Gretl is discovering The Nevis Valley and all its nuances with her paintings.

“ We have worked closely together over several months discussing the subject matter and our individual responses to the Nevis. The interaction between our art is continually evolving especially how the works speak to each other and additionally the linkages of colours, surfaces and materiality.”

It’s the first time Gretl and Kathi have worked together and enjoy spending time in each other’s studios.

“It’s been interesting discussing our works during the process which has ultimately deepened our connection to this place and our artistic responses,” says Gretl. “The collaboration has increased the energy between us with the works enriched creating harmonies that otherwise would not have been possible if we were working alone.”

She says they will select and curate the final exhibition pieces together.

“We are allowing our practices to be open to new possibilities for this exhibition with our artistic sensibilities being given free reign without too much preplanning.”

Philip Beadle

Light and Colour

Philip Beadle / May 2023

 New Zealand painter Philip Beadle will draw on his intimate awareness of Central Otago’s colourful autumnal displays for his solo exhibition in May.

“I plan to continue the theme of Central Otago paintings with an emphasis on autumn colours. I am drawn to the late afternoon light on this landscape ranging from Queenstown through Gibbston, Bannockburn, Wanaka, Clyde and Alexandra with a smattering of the Mackenzie Country.”

“This area of the country is not too far from home and a familiar destination where I have often visited family and friends to ski, mountain bike, tramp and generally soak up the majesty and mystery of the area of the South Island.”

Philip paints from a combination of sketches, photos and recall from his studio in Christchurch.

“ My paintings can take from days to weeks to complete as I set them aside and then revisit them after catching glimpses of the other images while I work on a range of paintings.  A painting can be on and off  my easel over several weeks as I make adjustments until I am completely satisfied with the final outcome.”

He says choosing and making framing is part of his artistic process allowing him control over  the final completed presentation.

“ Any painting which requires framing is done by me in the studio sometimes with hand applied gold leafing mouldings if that suits the artwork. I hope people who view this  exhibition will enjoy my take on the Central Otago landscape and find an emotional response to these moments captured in time.”