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Eade Gallery Duo Solo Exhibitions

Silhouette / January 2023

Award-winning painter Rachel Hirabayashi and ceramic artist Lynne Wilson are producing a duo solo exhibition highlighting their diverse works together and it is not the first time they  have collaborated.

“It was a good challenge to take up when Eade Gallery offered it to us,” says Lynne. “During  our 16-year friendship there have been many opportunities for Rachel and I to exhibit together, either as members of an artist collective or as a duo, so we felt confident we could achieve it.”

As the title suggests Silhouette investigates the restricted use of light within the Central Otago landscape.

“ We needed a story to bind us together and fortunately a friend of ours studied Rachel’s extensive ongoing works and found some pieces that were still being resolved and completed. They featured mainly silhouettes of trees and that sparked the idea for a show focusing on the negative shapes in our landscapes.”

“Our artistic styles are very different with Rachel constantly working in advance on her series of paintings because her process takes a long time whereas my work and the firing of raku ceramics is more immediate.”

Lynne says their exhibition ideas are reinforced by daily walks they take together.

“While walking our dogs in the pine forests of Cromwell we often discuss our similar responses to the landscape through our work, be it on canvas or in ceramics. We both visually think very similarly and this is a good opportunity to work together exploring the link between the light and shapes of the Central Otago landscapes that we see and enjoy around us.”

Esther Dexter

Subliminal / February 2023

Central Otago artist Esther Dexter is no stranger to Eade Gallery where her bright and vivid textural artworks are sought after.

“Initially I was to produce work alongside a ceramic artist who unfortunately had to withdraw so my February exhibition will be a solo show featuring a variety of works. In many ways it’s easier this way as I can choose my own theme which is based on my own personal journey.”

Based in Wānaka Esther produces a variety of works that are instantly recognisable for their graphic local landforms.

“ My artwork is acrylic – mixed media on board. I work with eggshells, resin and sometimes hand-painted recycled glass and led lights. My chosen theme for this exhibition is Subliminal. This enables me to paint South Island inspired landscapes and dreamscapes that will have hidden themes and ideas within the works.”

Esther hopes her new exhibition will push the boundaries.

“It will include at least one artwork that lights up from within and landscapes with messages in them that are both subtle and obvious. I hope people have fun discovering the messages in the artworks. An example is A Mountain of Healing which has led lights buried behind hand-painted glass. There are positive messages and affirmations buried in this piece which can be seen under close inspection.”

Landscape by Neville Porter

Paper Trails / March 2023

Renowned New Zealand painter Nigel Wilson and landscape photographer Neville Porter have a reputation for their atmospheric works of Central Otago scenes and their combined work will be on display in a collaboration at Clyde’s Eade Gallery in March 2023.

 “Neville and I are happily paired together as artists for the planned duo solo exhibition because there are already some links between our respective works,” says Nigel. “This is to do with the similar Central Otago landscapes that we both choose as subject matter for our individual works.”

They will produce four to five works each under the working title Paper Trails.

“Our collaboration link relates to using the exact same paper and size as the medium and that forms the common thread between our work. The work will be produced using handmade Japanese paper that is 80 x80cm in diameter and 600gsm in weight.”

“ We won’t be working any more closely than those general paper themes so as to allow each to think and create on our own terms. Neville, as the photographer, will print his work onto this very textured paper and I will paint my works on it which will create the exhibition parallels.”

Neville’s timeless and ephemeral quality photograph works are represented by Eade Gallery as are Nigel’s distinctive and expressive landscape paintings.

“ I enjoy Neville’s photography because of the atmosphere qualities that he achieves,” says Nigel. “ I too can also work towards an atmospheric quality in my work sometimes quite successfully so those are additional links between our styles.”