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Downtown at JSH

Jervois Steak House’s boutique bar in Queenstown’s downtown Brecon Street hospitality quarter Is a star summer attraction.

“At JSH we offer hospitality experiences to span the night out in Queenstown from cool afternoon drinks and craft beers alfresco in the sun to pre-dinner cocktails, aperitifs and late night drinks around the bar,” says venue manager Jo Thorp-Olesen.

With a stylish copper finished bar, fireplace and internal metal staircase that links to the upstairs JSH restaurant, the chic spot is designed as a hub for socialising.

“ Our drinks menu starts with speciality cocktails handcrafted by our team including classics – Martini, Negroni, Manhattan, Margarita and Whiskey Sour – to more fruity options.”

“The Swan Sour features Plymouth sloe gin, peach liqueur, lemon, raspberry and egg whites and is a standout as is the Uncommon made using exotic ingredients such as Scapegrace Yuzu vodka, Chapoutier muscat, lychees, lemon, grapefruit and yuzu.”

Jo says if a cocktail is not listed the team will happily whip up the desired drink.

“All our premium spirits, liqueurs, champagnes, white and red wines and craft beers are from the finest sources. We have a CORAVIN wine system that gives us the freedom to pour a glass of wine from any bottle at any time.”

“ The JSH restaurant and bar are fortunate to share a dedicated wine cellar with over 1000 wines in stock from all over the world,” says Jo. “ The cellar has some outstanding New Zealand and international vintages, some quite rare, that we can recommend for guests to experience.”