Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Diamond Heart

Alice Herald’s new interactive retail space in Wānaka  creates a backdrop for people to watch the luxury jewellery designer at work.  

Alice has expanded her boutique in the upmarket Precinct complex to include an innovative open design studio and a gallery display of her ready-to-wear collections. 

“Clients can now see me designing and working and at the same time try on the collections. I can also invite people into a unique, more private consultation area for design appointments.” 

Alice Herald

Bespoke jewellery has a special place in Alice’s heart. With access to some of the finest ethically sourced diamonds and other gems in the world she is intent on bringing them to life in the best possible setting and style. She also excels in reinvigorating stones from past generations.

“I’ve had the pleasure of designing some stunning, radiant diamond rings recently, as well as jewels with rubies, emeralds, and blue, purple, yellow and incredible green sapphires of various shapes,” she says. “I also really enjoy jazzing up Mum’s and Granny’s gemstones into something new from diamond anklets and cufflinks to necklaces. It’s wonderful to be able to tell an authentic, heartfelt story through every piece and retain that history.”

Alice’s ready-to-wear collection is now sold online, depicting every woman’s dream jewellery box with timeless pieces such as yellow-diamond hoop earrings and multi-carat eternity rings along with beautiful yet practical pieces for luxe everyday wear.

“ For this collection I like to design fuss-free pieces that have a splash of diamond so they can easily transition from day to night. I’m also beginning a new couture collection that’s inspired by decaying architecture. Patterns in nature will also feature because nature always inspires me and is never wrong – it is a constant, solid reference for colour and form.”

Whether it’s creating specifically for a client or for her coveted collections Alice approaches her designs from an intellectual stance which means extensive research, structuring a brief, then pushing the boundaries to conjure up something exceptional.

In her show space beauty, opulence and creativity collide. Not only is the boutique sparkling with iridescent jewels, it doubles as a celebration of art in its many forms.

“I have a wall that exhibits five artists who are free to celebrate their expression, in whatever form that may be,” says Alice. “Many of these creators do not have a physical platform, despite achieving great things with 2D or 3D art, fashion and architecture. We kick off their exhibition with a fun event and I’ve found it to be a great way to share networks. It’s also fantastic to have fresh wall space decorated with outstanding, meaningful work.”