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Destination Art at Eade Gallery

Eade Gallery in Clyde is firmly established as a destination for diverse artworks by predominantly Central Otago artists and this summer the gallery continues its popular monthly solo exhibitions. 

“Summer is a wonderful time to visit the gallery with a variety of new and exciting works by the artists we represent here,” says co-owner Melanie Eade. “Our sculpture garden features some intriguing sculptural pieces and there is a range of finely hand-crafted ceramics, jewellery, prints and cards available.”

Indigo Collective

January 2022

The Indigo Collective, which is exhibiting at Clyde’s Eade Gallery in January, is a nomadic group of artists who are not based in any particular location but instead hold exhibitions in different parts of the country inviting a local artist to join each show.

The Collective is made up of eight Central Otago artists whose work ranges over painting, ceramics, sculpture and mixed media.

They include Rachel Hirabayashi, Luke Anthony, Jillian Porteous, Nigel Wilson Judy Cockeram, Lynne Wilson, Megan Huffadine and Shaun Burdon. 

“There is no shared aesthetic, philosophy, mode of work or conceptual concerns and it is these contrasts that gives rise to stimulating conversations in the exhibitions and

is why the curating of the shows is an important aspect of our group practice,” says Megan.

Indigo artists have been colleagues for several years and in 2019 they conceived the idea of exhibiting together and the concept for the Indigo Collective was born.

“ It’s a very informal set-up and we get together on occasions to share ideas and suggestions for exhibitions.  As far as we are aware this way of working together is a first for the South Island and possibly New Zealand.”

The group has had eight exhibitions to date and is looking forward to displaying their work in Clyde this summer.

 “We have produced a booklet introducing  Indigo with artists’ profiles and images that will be available at Eade Gallery during the exhibition.”

Paul Samson

February 2022

Paul Samson is dedicated to painting still life whether it be vegetables or fruit and his solo exhibition at Eade Gallery in February reflects this.

“I have taken this process through various phases and believe my brush stroke is getting softer infusing the fruit with more light. The artist in me is very attracted to the work of the Masters such as Picasso, Cezanne and Vermeer and this influence comes through in my style and subject matter, particularly as I explore themes of the relationship between my past, spirit and matter.”

Paul developed his art in his early 40s while living in England. Inspired by Cezanne he started painting watercolor before enrolling at Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea.

“This proved to be a frustrating time as the medium of watercolor did not allow me to produce the power and depth of color resonance I wanted. I left the college and approached Israel Zohar, a contemporary artist of international standing, who teaches in the old renaissance mode. After showing him my work, he advised me to change to oils and agreed to teach me on a one-to-one basis.”

This began a six-year relationship during which Paul accepted portrait commissions and sold still life works from his London home. Returning to New Zealand in 2003 he taught art and sold paintings from his garden studio in Kerikeri before moving to Cromwell in 2013.

“My current direction is one of diversity – a challenge that is essential to the enjoyment of painting for me. Unlike other years, grapes are featuring as the consistent element in my still life paintings. While I continue to explore complex compositions in some paintings I am also experimenting with greater simplicity in others.”

Marg Hamilton

March 2022

Alexandra artist Marg Hamilton is inspired daily by her regular walks around the Alexandra Basin and her highly detailed acrylic and ink works on board reflect many New Zealand landscape settings.

“ My solo exhibition at Eade Gallery this summer will be a focus on combining stylised landscape elements with both Maori and Polynesian design motifs incorporated into the work.”

“ I have been introducing these types of design elements into my art for some time now  and it seems to be successful. Personally I am liking this combination a lot.”

As a former college art teacher Marg is well versed in the works and history of many well-known New Zealand artists.

“ I am now in my fourth year away from teaching secondary school art which was a job I absolutely loved.  Together with my students we explored many works of our New Zealand artists and there is no doubt they have been an influence in my own art journey.”

Painting has been an important part of her life and she has established a national and international following for her work.

“ I have traditionally worked with acrylic and mixed media on board and see no reason to change this as it allows me to be quite vigorous with surface textures. Currently I am enjoying using both inks and shellac for added richness along with the application of gold and silver.”