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Chiropractic Challenges

When New Zealand Olympians Dame Valerie Adams appeared on the international stage in Tokyo no-one was watching more closely from home than recently appointed Queenstown Health chiropractor Ed Timings.

Ed has a close relationship with many high-profile Kiwi sports men and women including shotput Olympic medallist Adams,  and Brown who is an Ironman New Zealand veteran.

“Working with world-class athletes is always a challenge because if you make a mistake everyone’s going to know. But the benefits far outweigh this when you get it right,” he says.

“You learn as you go when working with the likes of Cameron and Valerie. They have maintained their peak performance over a long period of time and our challenge is to keep them at their best despite the rigors their bodies go through daily.”

Ed has joined well-known chiropractor Neki Patel and the team at Queenstown Health after relocating from Auckland.

“I’ve spent three decades as a chiropractor mostly as the high-performance chiropractor based at the AUT Millennium Sports Institute in Auckland. I worked with a whole team of experts, spent some time in diabetic research and regularly travelled overseas with many of our top athletes.”

 Ed is recognised for developing a highly acclaimed postural analysis programme used widely by chiropractors.

“Postural analysis is just an easy way of showing people the reality of what they are dealing with. I think people know when things aren’t right but when they can visualise it and measure change it can help immensely to keep clients motivated and deliver consistent results and better outcomes.”

Moving to Queenstown has been a long-time dream for Ed and his family and the opportunity to work alongside Neki Patel was too good to miss.

“I love the outdoors and 20 years ago wanted to live in Queenstown but one of my sons was diagnosed with type one diabetes and we needed to be close to Auckland’s Starship hospital. These days diabetic care has improved so much that the move was possible.”

“I offer similar chiropractic services to Neki with a very large rehabilitation ethic. The simple things like how to walk, breathe and develop good habits are critical to anyone achieving good health. The easiest way to change an elite runner’s gait is not through interrupting the movement gait while competing but adapting their normal habits – such as how they walk during the day – that’s why I consider myself a ‘habit’ doctor.”

Ed is a regular guest on a variety of media programmes including National Radio and looks  forward to continuing to provide optimal chiropractic care to a cross section of clients, particularly high-profile athletes and sports people.

“ I have a simple approach that every day we are faced with hundreds of choices and that with a bit of knowledge, determination and action we can make the small changes that have massive consequences on how we enjoy and achieve in our lives.”