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Back to the Future at The Gate in Cromwell

The circle has turned for The Gate’s general manager Glen Christiansen who has taken up the helm of the Cromwell hotel after a break from the industry.

Glen ran the hotel for 12 years until 18-months ago when he decided on a different direction.

However, a recent invitation from the board to return to The Gate, was an offer too good to refuse.

“When the opportunity arose, it was like coming full circle, having just spent 18 months working in the local building industry, which was a great experience. Now I get to continue the vision the directors have for The Gate and guide the next phase of refurbishment we started three years ago which is exciting.”

The original Golden Gate hotel was built in 1987 after the Old Cromwell township was flooded to make way for the Clyde Dam.

The hotel was then owned by Dominion Breweries and in 1994 was bought by a local business group who added a conference centre and more accommodation. In 2015, a major refit of the food and hospitality at the hotel saw the opening of Forage Café and Five Stags restaurant and bar.

“Both the café and restaurant are now modern, contemporary spaces that locals and visitors love to visit, and this has added to The Gate’s profile as a vibrant, community hub,” says Glen.

“We are proud to support many local community groups such as the rugby, squash, hockey, equestrian and bowling clubs and we sponsor The Gate Leisure Marchers. The hotel is a meeting hub for these groups and creates amazing social opportunities for everyone to gather together.”

Social Vibe

Forage Café is a hot spot for fresh, flavoursome food.

The stylishly modern café with its light and airy interior boasts expansive views across landscaped gardens to the Pisa mountain range. Open daily from 6.00am there is an extensive range of all-day food options.

“The fully cooked breakfast options include classics like eggs benedict, French toast and the big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and hash browns. There are lighter options such as granola bowls and porridge,” says The Gate general manager Glen Christiansen

“Our inhouse baker creates tasty cabinet food and we have launched a new summer lunch menu. The café is very child friendly with a sponged mat play area outside.”

Forage Café is popular with the local community and easily accessible for tourists. A large parking area caters for holiday makers towing a boat or a caravan.

“We have installed plenty of power cables, free Wi-Fi and usb connections to create a friendly vibe for business meetings or people needing to work,” says Glen. “Whether you’re on holiday, doing business or travelling through Cromwell it’s an exciting destination.”