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Artistic Framing Solutions

With an in-depth knowledge of art and a meticulous eye for detail Erinn Keith is recognised for her bespoke picture framing solutions at her specialist picture framing store The 45th Degree in Wānaka.

“Our focus is on conservation framing, taking care to conserve and preserve people’s items and offering a range of options to meet all budgets.”

“We will happily frame just about anything from family photos through to sports memorabilia, war medals, art, puzzles, needlework, dried flowers. We have even framed a set of Tastevin cups.”

Erinn took over the business three years ago and has a background in art, retail and hospitality along with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture.

Erinn Keith

She loves helping customers preserve their artworks and sentimental items.

“Bespoke framing is a niche industry, no two jobs are the same and there are so many variables involved with each piece. We have hundreds of frame options to choose from and how we frame an item comes down to the object itself, its condition, material, the client’s budget and desired outcome.”

“We stock a wide range of moulding, New Zealand made where possible, and we cut, join and finish frames by hand and offer custom colours and finishes along with a variety of bespoke-finished frames specific to us.”

Employing pristine conservation framing techniques is a significant part of the business for important documents and artworks.

“The aim of conservation is to keep everything reversable. We work with PH neutral, conservation-grade materials where possible and have a variety of UV and conservation-grade glass options to protect from UV damage,” says Erinn.

The 45th Degree gallery has a range of contemporary art, illustration, prints, paintings, mirrors and sculpture for sale and hosts an annual group art show every November.

There is also a significant following for customised wall maps.

“It’s an opportunity for people to retrace their outdoor adventures” says Erinn. “The maps are vinyl printed, mounted onto an ACM panel then framed creating a lightweight piece without glass.”

“We work closely with Geographx to reproduce their amazingly detailed maps or we can create custom layouts using LINZ data. They make beautiful yet educational focal points for homes, are great for friends and family visiting the region and ideal in holiday homes for guests to get a better understanding of the local geography.”