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Arrowtown Lifestyle Living in Demand

Strong demand post Covid-19 has been experienced by the Arrowtown Lifestyle Village with the second stage of development due for completion at the end of the year and third stage planning already underway.

Sales manager Vicci Lawrence says 56 two-and three-bedroom villas will be completed within the village by December and the third stage villa plans and prices will be released later this year.

“We are excited about releasing those plans for the next stage of villas situated along the eastern boundary on McDonnell Road. To accommodate the new residents who will subsequently join our community we are fine-tuning our plans for a significantly larger Lodge in the heart of the village. This will serve as a social hub for our events, classes and activities.”

She says Arrowtown’s rich history and beautiful scenery is the ideal backdrop for the lifestyle village.

“From the beginning the directors had a clear vision that we should pay tribute to the environment and local community. As an independent village we also have the flexibility to respond to a changing market and personalise homes with interior design. We don’t use a cookie cutter and take pride in reflecting our heart and welcoming culture in everything we do.”

Vicci says that as each stage of the village develops, the location’s character is carefully considered and feedback incorporated into home and garden design. 

“The streets curve to compliment the landscape and are named after local gold mines and personalities. So too, the villas have been carefully designed with schist, cedar and in colours that reinforce the ambience of the setting.”

But, she says a quality house in a nice street is not an end result – “it is about the people that call it home and the way they want to experience and enjoy their lifestyle. When our staff are looking forward to the time when their kids leave home and they can move in, you know you have the equation right.”

“A lifestyle village allows residents to focus on what they enjoy most, leaving things like maintenance to someone else. But most importantly at the Arrowtown village we not only provide opportunities for connection with local attractions such as cycle trails and golf courses, but also events and trips, interest groups and in-house parties which we coordinate.” 

The Arrowtown Lifestyle Village provides the additional benefit of a weekly fee that is fixed for life, providing a surety of outgoings and a deferred management fee of 25%. 

“But it’s our location that truly sets us apart,” says Vicci. “A peaceful rural setting, surrounded by mountains, walking and cycling trails and the cafés and restaurants of Arrowtown close by – the village is simply a beautiful and relaxing place to live.”