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All About Sport

Queenstown Health, led by chiropractor Neki Patel, is a longstanding provider of chiropractic, osteopath and physiotherapy services with a focus on sport. Chiropractor graduate Cole Mackie has recently joined the team in the resort & QT Magazine caught up with him about his new career and lifestyle.

What attracted you to chiropractic? I always wanted to pursue a career in health and help people. Growing up I suffered from chronic headaches which chiropractic helped with so after completing year one health sciences at Otago University I knew it was the right career path for me.

What do you specialise in? Currently I am specialising in Sports Chiropractic having been involved with sport my entire life. I’m really motivated to help athletes achieve their goals and perform to the best of their abilities. I’ve just finished up the requirements for my International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) and once confirmed I will be the sixth chiropractor with the qualification and the fourth produced from Queenstown Health.

Cole Mackie & All Black Beauden Barrett

 How does a typical day in the clinic go? Depending on the day I either work out of the Queenstown Health clinics in Gorge Road or Five Mile Centre or the Millbrook Health & Fitness Centre. I usually work evenings so the mornings are dedicated to gym time, exercising and studying my cases. During the winter season I treat athletes at trainings for the SkyCity Stampede Ice Hockey League and Queenstown Rovers Football Club.

What are your chosen sports?  At school I played rugby for ten years and competed in Shukokai Karate at a national and international level travelling to Japan and Australia. As a lifetime martial artist, I am passionate about martial arts and MMA so follow various combat sports (UFC, IBJJF), alongside rugby and darts. I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Carlson Gracie where I am currently a blue belt.

Favourite local training ground? I train at Industrial Fitness which is also the home of Fight Science. Queenstown Health has a long association with boxing and kickboxing and supporting local fighters. As a lifetime martial artist, I like the option of kickbox training with the goal being to someday test the ring out myself.

Significant work milestones to date? Getting to be part of the sports massage team taking care of the All Blacks during last year’s Irish test series was particularly special having grown up playing rugby and watching them my entire life – a big sports fan moment. Supporting the SkyCity Stampede team to win their 7th national title was also big for me. Many of the boys were still playing with active injuries so knowing that I helped play a part in their victory feels special.

Sky City Stampede

Advice for taking care of the body? My job isn’t just treating people but also educating them on how to take better care of themselves. Creating positive changes in peoples’ habits and posture helps get to the root of the problem. I always educate and give exercises and stretches so patients can build their own personal health toolbox to use outside of the clinic.

 Next big goal? The plan is to try eventually to break into the international sporting scene to work with high profile sports teams and continue to build my knowledge and experience. Getting to work with New Zealand athletes at the highest levels through Queenstown Health is a privilege you have to earn so it’s exciting times ahead.