The Vegie Grower hamper

There is nothing better than fresh vegies from your garden and to celebrate National Gardening Week (19-26 October), Yates is giving away a Vegie Grower’s hamper full of goodies to get your vegie garden started.

A selection of vegie seeds include favourite Chinese vegetables, Shanghai Bok Choy and Choy Sum perfect for both steaming and stir fry.  Daikon radish with its sweet and slightly spicy flavour is very popular throughout Asia for condiments, pickling, fermenting, relishes, stir fries and salads.  Radish Amethyst is a unique bright purple skinned radish with crisp white flesh with a mild spicy taste making it perfect for salads.

Two varieties of beetroot – Golden and Bull’s Blood – will colour up your dishes and are great to harvest as baby beets, to add to salads raw, steam, slow roasted or pickled.

To get your summer growing off to a good start Yates has included Thrive Citrus and Fruit and Thrive Tomato granular plant foods, together with Thrive Vegie & Herb and Strawberry & Berries liquid plant foods.  Keeping any pesky bugs away is easy with Nature’s Way Organic Citrus, Vegie & Ornamental Spray and the Nature’s Way Vegie Insect Gun.

To top it off, Yates Vegan Fertiliser – New Zealand’s first vegan certified fertilizer –  is a blend of natural minerals and seaweed alongside slow release and fast acting fertilisers that feed indoor and outdoor plants for up to three months.

To get into the draw jump over to our Facebook or Instagram page and tell us what is currently in your veggie garden or what you plan to plant this season.


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